WinDirStat | WinDirStat download Windows 10

Windows Directory Statistics, is the disk space analyser that presents disk storage into graphical formats. WinDirStat demonstrates disk storage through 3 ways- Directory list view, Treemap view and Extension list view. Thus, giving you better interpretation of disk storage. With this utility, clearing space on Hard disk becomes simpler and efficient.

WinDirStat Features

  • Quick reference to Disk storage
  • Eases Disk cleaning
  • Represent storage graphically
  • Shows statistics via 3 lists
  • Scans all types of drives- Networked, External & Internal drives

What way can I install Windirstat on Windows 10?

The disk-space analyser – Windirstat is free & open-source tool, that can be downloaded from its official website easily. With the given stepwise process, you can install it –

  1. Directly, head on to WinDirStat official website to get the download link.
  2. Search for File Explorer on the Search box, open it.
  3. Under Quick Access, you will get ‘Downloads’ option, choose it.
  4. Now, search for Windirstat, Run it on PC.
  5. Then, click ‘Yes’ on the ‘User Account Control’ Box. And Agree with the terms and conditions.
  6. Click ‘Next’, go with the on-screen prompts.
  7. Nextly, choose the location to share your file, Click ‘Install’.
  8. As installation completes, Select ‘Next’.
  9. Lastly, finish the installation with ‘Close’.

How to analyse Disk space using the utility?

Analysing your occupied disk space is most required part of managing disk. This informs you whole disk with an interactive way of graphics. You can peep into disk space occupied by

  1. Open Windirstat on your Windows PC.
  2. Here, find ‘Individual Drives’ options.
  3. Now, look for files occupying space on PC, ultimately, go with ‘Enter’.
  4. Here it displays you report of all the files graphically.
  5. Notice the top-right corner, for file extensions taking higher space.
  6. Through the graphical way – Treemap, you can now refer to file size. Also, each file has its own colour as shown with different colours.
  7. After determining the files that holds larger space on your device, delete them and get some free space on your PC.

Can I download Windirstat for free?

The disk-space analyser- Windirstat, is free and open source utility. It can be downloaded from its official website page. Follow the aforementioned instructions to install it on Windows 10 PC.


Windirstat reveals graphically, the real space occupied by files and folders on your Windows PC’s hard drive. To have better understanding of your hard disk, download it from its official website. And run a scan, view the analysis through Directory, Treemap and Extension list. On looking at the statistics, you can know about disk space allocation. Eventually, you can delete unwanted stuff.